virga (27)

Ettore Virga

27 years old

From Sicily, Italy

‘What makes Wetsus unique in the world is the colorful mix between different disciplines, cultures and people.’

I come from Sicily, Italy, where I got both my BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering.

I chose Wetsus for my PhD because I did not want to pursue another purely academic degree. Wetsus offered PhD positions where you could combine your passion for Science without losing the focus on what is technological relevant for Industries. It is the close collaboration between Wetsus and its well-known industrial partners that mainly attracted my interest.

Wetsus has been a new home for me. Here I have spent a wonderful time, full of joy, friendship and learning.

What makes Wetsus unique in the world is the colorful mix between different disciplines, cultures and people. I do believe that this is the base for good science.

Doing a PhD at Wetsus allows for a deep scientific and personal growth. You will master your presentation skills and critical thinking, while discovering your top talents and how to use them in your career path. Here you also learn to manage students, that will help you in your research projects, as well as build the spirit for a critical and independent researcher.

Wetsus has been a box full of funny moments and anecdotes, so it is difficult just tell one. 

Perhaps…Would you never believe that during your PhD you could become one of the Wetsus Themes Coordinators and even get married? If they would tell me such a thing before starting my PhD, I would never believe it!

The Netherlands is a nice country that offers the possibility to professionally grow and develop your career path. There are no mountains in its landscapes but as well in its societal structure. You will not find hierarchy here, but available colleagues and supervisor you can friendly and directly speak to. No need for redundant formality.

In 10 years, I see myself as a manager of a Research Institute or Industrial R&D department.

If you want to pursue a PhD while gaining skills that will help you to define your path, whenever it would be in industry or academia, while enjoying your time with international friends and cultures, you definitely have to join Wetsus.